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Definitely not.
That would be ridiculous.

I love a good religion-themed subplot.

This one had a terrible resolution, but the concept is clever, and legit: we know that in late antiquity, the Church barred energumens (those believed to be possessed by evil spirits) from Communion. Like catechumens and penitents, they would come to the foot of the altar after the readings and receive a blessing from the bishop (which contained a prayer for their healing), and then be dismissed from the church.

The dismissals for the energumens were some of the most compassionate. Unlike a penitent, who had intentionally commited a grave sin, an energumen wasn’t culpable for his or her state.

I’m not sure of the current policy on the admission of someone believed to be possessed to the Eucharist. My guess is that it’s not as cut-and-dried as the priest here suggests (it would be viewed akin to a disease, and sick people are not barred from the rite). Still, the good-natured dialogue between the priest and Blue Devil is right on the money (though, given the rest of the scene, one imagines that Bill Willingham’s idea of an Irish Catholic neighborhood is borrowed wholesale from Going My Way), as well as are their hopes that one day the Devil would be released from his possession.

(from Shadowpact #4)

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